Put your power to the test with Mustachio Quest!
Inspired by the tales and adventures of the Mustachios in The Sages Rant, Mustachio Quest is Ownly’s first NFT Play-And-Earn Game created inside MustachioVerse where players can play around using the 3D versions of their Mustachios.
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Marci is a very cool Mustachio. The youth considers her someone they look up to. Music is her escape and sanctuary. Her battle axe turned electric bass is also a necessity. Severing her relationship with her family was nothing but easy. For she thinks they have all left her alone in misery. Marci is not entirely bad. Only through mischief can she hide why she’s sad. Her appearance shows nothing of the Queen she is. But her power should never be in question of hypothesis
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The infamous Peco-Peco creature is a difficult animal to tame. But the great Peco Rider calls the it by his pet name. Peco Rider travels around Mustachioverse to show what he’s accomplished. For he’s the only one who mastered the angry, dangerous beast. “What makes the animal submit to me is a secret”. “Something you’ll be surprised to know, take your bet”. However, there’s no specific reason why the Peco-Peco obeys him. He just took care of it when it got sick and was dying. He risked his life to save the poor Peco Peco. And now it follows him like a shadow
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Towns people live in a poor village where crime rate is high. A place where there’s daily warnings to be careful or else you’ll die. He’s a Mustachio who wants to end corruption in his town. But when he tells these things to others, they shut his ideas down. They think what Towns People want is impossible. Someone can’t easily remove every crime in a place so horrible. But Towns People is a man of courage and conviction. He doesn’t care how grave is his village’s condition. One day he’ll clean the area of vile and evil Mustachios. He said he’ll become a Towns People to Town Hero with gusto
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A knight was known for clever strategies, a tactician who can defeat any enemies. Rench is this Mustachios' name, and battles are his favorite game. He is a soldier since he was still child. No one knows the last time he smiled. Trained all his life, wars are all he lived for. Never knew outside military, there's so much more. He has a routine that he never breaks, until one dawn when many lives are at stake.
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This powerful enigmatic king loves gold and satin. He likes everything fancy, there is no denying. King Hobgoblin buys the most expensive wines. If he invites you to dinner, the best meal you’ll find. He’s a generous man who likes to share his wealth. If he likes you, you’ll probably receive some jewelry and a golden belt. But if you meet him, there’s one thing you should know. This king won’t tolerate any disrespect that you’ll show. So be extra careful with how you behave. If you piss him off, you’re digging your grave.
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Patches of memories he holds. All the classic memoir he upholds. Raggedy Prince is your go-to. For memories nobody else has an access to. He’s not much older than a couple of years. But he’s seen old memories enough to bring him close to tears. He is a prince by birthright but nobody pays attention to him. Born out of wedlock, considered a shame on a whim. He’s still a child inside, he’s just a nice burst of serotonin. As if he’s never been wronged by the world he was born in
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Deep in the forest, there lives a king unknown to many. They don’t know sometimes that’s why they feel uncanny. When a Mustachio visits the areas filled with deep, dark trees. They’ll have that feeling that there’s probably something amiss. The forest people will watch over hikers and campers for hours. Prevent mischief and damages to plants, animals, and flowers. The Forest Lord makes sure that no one will burn down his home. He rules the forest world and takes care of everyone like his own. He creates these celebrations invisible to an ordinary Mustachio. But if you’re kindhearted and pure, he’ll probably invite you.
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Things most important in life are those simple possessions. But becoming powerful is one of Shoko’s ulterior obsessions. He is such a fellow to be wary of. Rose from great bandits he was made of. In search of a perfect mentor. He comes across as a fierce oppressor. His potential is limitless. Shoko is a mystery, always expressionless. A powerful cyborg he can be when unleashed. Albeit his power has never been pre-established
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Onku travels to spread the word of peace. Because he just wants all the fight to cease. “Everyone has their own demon.” he says. “But everyone can fight them anyways”. Even his stature exhibit his calmness. Although he doesn’t tolerate rudeness. Onku is such a fellow to be comfortable with. You might even think achieving peace can’t be a myth. He is the last of the mountain monks in MustachioVerse. Unfortunate as he may be, he can never resort to his own curse
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The LichKing embodies everything absolutely evil, A long time ago, he was magically sealed in a castle. Now that he’s free, he wants to be the chief cause of chaos. He said he’s gonna mess things up again to show who’s the boss. This Mustachio is the reason behind life-long terrible quarrels, He spread nasty rumors to different communication channels. This dangerous LichKing makes everyone feel bad about themselves. Gives you angry thoughts that makes you wanna punch the shelves. If you can’t remember why you are so furious, that’s the sign. You are under LichKing’s spell, being fine will take a long time
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His consciousness long gone because of an unprecedented power. Now for some reason, he has gained a bit of it as if like a wallflower. On his hand is the cursed crown. A memory of a foolishness he was drowned. Taking it was his biggest regret. He was hoping it was all just a bet. He’s now filled with grief for all the things he has lost. Over a power he didn’t even want, he’d rather just be a ghost. Navigating through the world once again as Simone. He’s being hit by all the meanings of being alone
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On the highest mountain top, a Mustachio is born. She is of royalty, descendant from Bee. She only wears jumpsuit in yellow and black, complains that royal outfits are very uncomfy and hurts her back. Bee Lee’s been training herself for several years, to control other bees because someday she’ll be their queen. She looks so innocent but don’t mess with her. This girl's fully capable of Mustachio murder. A bit unstable but who can complain, she's top-tier Mustachio pretty and worth all the pain.
Boii Mustache

Boii Mustache was created a few years back. It was a sketch given by someone special and was later developed by the artist as his own character.

The character Boii Mustache is the artist himself, a long-haired guy with a nevus in his lower left eye and of course, the legendary mustache.

With the idea of becoming whoever we want to be, he started creating different mustaches unique to each other, from colors to mood to concept.

It's a never-ending creative collaboration between the artist, what he sees, what he thinks, and what he feels.

Our latest collection, The Mustachios, are composed of 100 mustached NFT avatars with unique individual stories and a collective tale of adventure with a maximum supply of 999 Mustachios. For interested NFT collectors out there, there are only 25 remaining Mustachios from the Genesis collection as of writing!
After several hints about this awesome project, we are delighted to announce that we are launching our first ever NFT Tales — The Mustachios! Our collectors can already get their hands on these avatars on our presale on August 24, 2021!
On August 24, we held our Mustachios PreSale where 68 of our 100 Genesis Generation Mustachios have been minted! Now we are officially launching the first-ever NFT tales in the world! So what makes this project different from other NFTs? And why should you mint one?
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