Put your power to the test with Mustachio Quest!
Inspired by the tales and adventures of the Mustachios in The Sages Rant, Mustachio Quest is Ownly’s first NFT Play-And-Earn Game created inside MustachioVerse where players can play around using the 3D versions of their Mustachios.
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Aster is a cool and secretive Mustachio who like to tell others that she is on a mission. "What mission?" they ask, She wouldn’t give them an answer. When they keep pestering her, she'd say "It’s confidential and it would put them in danger". She goes to the MOON, that’s all everyone knows. What she does there, that's still a big question. Maybe during a random day, the Mustachioverse will find what MOON stands for, it will surely blow their mind.
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The infamous Peco-Peco creature is a difficult animal to tame. But the great Peco Rider calls the it by his pet name. Peco Rider travels around Mustachioverse to show what he’s accomplished. For he’s the only one who mastered the angry, dangerous beast. “What makes the animal submit to me is a secret”. “Something you’ll be surprised to know, take your bet”. However, there’s no specific reason why the Peco-Peco obeys him. He just took care of it when it got sick and was dying. He risked his life to save the poor Peco Peco. And now it follows him like a shadow
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Deep in the forest, there lives a king unknown to many. They don’t know sometimes that’s why they feel uncanny. When a Mustachio visits the areas filled with deep, dark trees. They’ll have that feeling that there’s probably something amiss. The forest people will watch over hikers and campers for hours. Prevent mischief and damages to plants, animals, and flowers. The Forest Lord makes sure that no one will burn down his home. He rules the forest world and takes care of everyone like his own. He creates these celebrations invisible to an ordinary Mustachio. But if you’re kindhearted and pure, he’ll probably invite you.
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Onku travels to spread the word of peace. Because he just wants all the fight to cease. “Everyone has their own demon.” he says. “But everyone can fight them anyways”. Even his stature exhibit his calmness. Although he doesn’t tolerate rudeness. Onku is such a fellow to be comfortable with. You might even think achieving peace can’t be a myth. He is the last of the mountain monks in MustachioVerse. Unfortunate as he may be, he can never resort to his own curse
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On the highest mountain top, a Mustachio is born. She is of royalty, descendant from Bee. She only wears jumpsuit in yellow and black, complains that royal outfits are very uncomfy and hurts her back. Bee Lee’s been training herself for several years, to control other bees because someday she’ll be their queen. She looks so innocent but don’t mess with her. This girl's fully capable of Mustachio murder. A bit unstable but who can complain, she's top-tier Mustachio pretty and worth all the pain.
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The door keeper holds a special key. With him as your friend, there’s so many possibilities. He can teleport you to different places, Think and blink and you’re there in a second. He’s so powerful that he can see. Even a place in the past or a memory. He said there’s a door for every location. With some gold, he’ll take you to your destination. If you want to go somewhere, he’s your Mustachio. There will be no trace, no one can find you
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Bug was one melancholic Mustachio, who feels everyday is kind of a drag. He has depression and anxiety, but he thinks that he is just born sad. He said he heard some buzzing in his head, "It's just your mind and imagination" they said. He know's it's real, he's not making it up, but no one seems to listen. "One day", he said "someone will understand, I won't be lonely; I'll be genuinely glad".
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Violinist loves to busk on the streets everyday till noon. He doesn’t care if you think that he plays out of tune. He said “Practice makes perfect so practice I will do”. “Why would I be ashamed when it’s my passion I share to you”. So Violinist kept playing even during late at night. To perform his song on stages where lights shine so bright. After 10 years he is the best violin player in the city. Performing on places that are pretty and fancy. “This is what you achieve when you have commitment”. “You’ll be proud someday that your dream is now an achievement”
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This Mustachio will always give you treats. Then he’ll make a bet and use all his cheats. The Pumpkin Man is one heck of a tricky Mustachio. When you start complaining, he’ll try to beat you. So just because he has a Pumpkin in his face. Doesn’t mean that he is kind and full of grace. So, if you play with him, just accept your defeat. Unless you’re strong enough to make him retreat. The Pumpkin Man should probably have someone teach him a lesson. So that he’ll know that he can’t always be the champion
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Frankie Stan is Victor’s weird older brother. The shadow behind the genius, the one they call sinister. Together they’d do some crazy dead experiments. With different corpses and bloody embellishments. One time Frankie got the measurement wrong. Made a monster so scary and hella strong. They couldn’t find where it went but they don’t mind. They said “if there’s news of disfigured bodies our pet we’ll find”. “This is our revenge to the whole Mustachioverse”. “They’ll know how helpless feels, more monsters we’ll disperse”
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Stan March is a Mustachio that’s a critical thinker. Who knows all languages there is a master. But the downside is her mind is vindictive to herself. Keeping record of her mistakes like books on a shelf. Her attention to detail makes her very useful. And this allowed her to be very successful. But no one knows this girl is suffering so much. For everyone doesn’t see the real her, her soul they can’t touch. She said “It’s hard being admired and respected”. “When your heart feels torn and their view of you is distorted”
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The protector of the forest, warrior of the trees he is called. He is the Forest Warrior waiting for the command from the Forest Lord. He is more than someone who has martial art skills. He’s innovative and he invented the wheel and the mills. A natural-born engineer is this strong and bold MustachioHe creates these projects for their people like the radio. Why does he stay in the forest when he’s very smart and creative?. He said he loved nature more than the city and he is quite conservative. The Forest Warrior said living there is the best decision he made. His life has been blissful and peaceful, he believes it is an upgrade
Boii Mustache

Boii Mustache was created a few years back. It was a sketch given by someone special and was later developed by the artist as his own character.

The character Boii Mustache is the artist himself, a long-haired guy with a nevus in his lower left eye and of course, the legendary mustache.

With the idea of becoming whoever we want to be, he started creating different mustaches unique to each other, from colors to mood to concept.

It's a never-ending creative collaboration between the artist, what he sees, what he thinks, and what he feels.

Our latest collection, The Mustachios, are composed of 100 mustached NFT avatars with unique individual stories and a collective tale of adventure with a maximum supply of 999 Mustachios. For interested NFT collectors out there, there are only 25 remaining Mustachios from the Genesis collection as of writing!
After several hints about this awesome project, we are delighted to announce that we are launching our first ever NFT Tales — The Mustachios! Our collectors can already get their hands on these avatars on our presale on August 24, 2021!
On August 24, we held our Mustachios PreSale where 68 of our 100 Genesis Generation Mustachios have been minted! Now we are officially launching the first-ever NFT tales in the world! So what makes this project different from other NFTs? And why should you mint one?
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