Put your power to the test with Mustachio Quest!
Inspired by the tales and adventures of the Mustachios in The Sages Rant, Mustachio Quest is Ownly’s first NFT Play-And-Earn Game created inside MustachioVerse where players can play around using the 3D versions of their Mustachios.
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As bleak as his appearance. Pray tell, this King has lived for centuries. His fancy, a nuisance for princesses. His love showing thousands of phases. No one could handle the extent of his affection. For he is a man who does his thing in any situation. His parlour serving no other purpose. Than for this lonesome fellow to wallow in solo. His image is clouded with judgement. Yet as harmless as he is, desperation could only suffice his fulfillment
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Be inconspicuous he aims. So he chose the color lighter than flames. No one dares to tell him otherwise. That his outfit is too catching for the eyes. His scar scares away the threateners But his skills for katana scares away the murderers. He prefers traveling alone. In groups, he just can’t watch his tone. He is a well-respected warrior among his peers. But his back is always met with countless sneers
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Dreams do come true, as well as nightmares too. He who haunts in your sleep, will be your reality in a slip. He hides in your deepest desires. Your vulnerable time is the only thing he requires. Quite misunderstood he might say. But his mischief is always on display. Why does he revel on nightmares, you ask? A silly reason, he can never multitask. Life for Nightmare is simple. What happened to him to make him that evil?
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Aster is a cool and secretive Mustachio who like to tell others that she is on a mission. "What mission?" they ask, She wouldn’t give them an answer. When they keep pestering her, she'd say "It’s confidential and it would put them in danger". She goes to the MOON, that’s all everyone knows. What she does there, that's still a big question. Maybe during a random day, the Mustachioverse will find what MOON stands for, it will surely blow their mind.
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The pilot thinks that walking is very tiring. He doesn’t like marathons, he also hates running. “Why will you choose to walk, when you can choose to fly?”. “I’m glad I wasn’t born before airflight because of boredom I will die”. The pilot thinks that airplanes are the coolest. The way that it glides through the clouds is the best. “The places you can go with airplanes are endless. So many breathtaking views you get to witness”. The pilot believes that airflight is a marvelous gift. A thing that he anyone should cherish, a profession he loves to keep
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The pied piper said Gamer Boi came from an old rusty computer. His tale of existence is much of a questionable order. His mother asked for child through every night in a prayer, "Almighty, give me a son, take whatever you want". Then the next day a baby appeared, but weirdly enough, her old computer is gone. The child has a large monitor on his head, he made beeping sounds while he sleeps on his bed. He loved video games and he always win, except for his social skills – is quite missing, that’s the thing.
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The adventurer Dwinn loves to win. He’s very competitive, where do I begin?. He once cheated in a top-level video game. Won’t take losing as a choice, won’t ever take the blame. He loves to compete throughout Mustachioverse. Be the number one person in a world that’s so diverse. Why does he love winning every time? Well, for him losing is an unforgivable crime. He said “Why would you try when you’re not the best?”. “Just stay home, watch TV, and have some rest”
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Marci is a very cool Mustachio. The youth considers her someone they look up to. Music is her escape and sanctuary. Her battle axe turned electric bass is also a necessity. Severing her relationship with her family was nothing but easy. For she thinks they have all left her alone in misery. Marci is not entirely bad. Only through mischief can she hide why she’s sad. Her appearance shows nothing of the Queen she is. But her power should never be in question of hypothesis
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Towns people live in a poor village where crime rate is high. A place where there’s daily warnings to be careful or else you’ll die. He’s a Mustachio who wants to end corruption in his town. But when he tells these things to others, they shut his ideas down. They think what Towns People want is impossible. Someone can’t easily remove every crime in a place so horrible. But Towns People is a man of courage and conviction. He doesn’t care how grave is his village’s condition. One day he’ll clean the area of vile and evil Mustachios. He said he’ll become a Towns People to Town Hero with gusto
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On the highest mountain top, a Mustachio is born. She is of royalty, descendant from Bee. She only wears jumpsuit in yellow and black, complains that royal outfits are very uncomfy and hurts her back. Bee Lee’s been training herself for several years, to control other bees because someday she’ll be their queen. She looks so innocent but don’t mess with her. This girl's fully capable of Mustachio murder. A bit unstable but who can complain, she's top-tier Mustachio pretty and worth all the pain.
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Toil and toil around this pandemic trouble. Getting sick for Frontline is almost inevitable. The nature of his work is dangerous. For the deadly virus is highly contagious. Mingling with others could prove to be fatal. He wishes this situation would not be final. Overwhelmed by the everything that’s going. He dreams of a vacation for so long. He prays every night for the discovery of a cure. And things go back to the way it was before
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The bandit stays in taverns while drinking something fancy. He's waiting to hear stories of treasures, of golden chests, diamonds, pears, and rubies. He wants some dangerous adventures, a chance to slash someone evil with his broad sword. Everyone fears him because of he has two large horns. They think to be a Samurai is the reason he is born. They do not know having an animal sanctuary is his ultimate wish, use all the gold he stole to for dogs, alpacas, and his favorite fish.
Boii Mustache

Boii Mustache was created a few years back. It was a sketch given by someone special and was later developed by the artist as his own character.

The character Boii Mustache is the artist himself, a long-haired guy with a nevus in his lower left eye and of course, the legendary mustache.

With the idea of becoming whoever we want to be, he started creating different mustaches unique to each other, from colors to mood to concept.

It's a never-ending creative collaboration between the artist, what he sees, what he thinks, and what he feels.

Our latest collection, The Mustachios, are composed of 100 mustached NFT avatars with unique individual stories and a collective tale of adventure with a maximum supply of 999 Mustachios. For interested NFT collectors out there, there are only 25 remaining Mustachios from the Genesis collection as of writing!
After several hints about this awesome project, we are delighted to announce that we are launching our first ever NFT Tales — The Mustachios! Our collectors can already get their hands on these avatars on our presale on August 24, 2021!
On August 24, we held our Mustachios PreSale where 68 of our 100 Genesis Generation Mustachios have been minted! Now we are officially launching the first-ever NFT tales in the world! So what makes this project different from other NFTs? And why should you mint one?
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