Put your power to the test with Mustachio Quest!
Inspired by the tales and adventures of the Mustachios in The Sages Rant, Mustachio Quest is Ownly’s first NFT Play-And-Earn Game created inside MustachioVerse where players can play around using the 3D versions of their Mustachios.
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No rough terrain could serve as a problem. As every crevice is carved on Mountain Warrior’s system. He moves swift and precise. But only his wits can cause his demise. He admits to not being the sharpest tool in the box. But his instincts on danger makes him move like a fox. Abandoned by the rest of his family. On animals he finds the love and serenity. He may serve well in the back of the pack. But not one can see any Warrior skill he could lack
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Twas in Mustachioverse before magic was known, a man named Doobie existed. He does this weird stuff while moving his staff, like teleport things out of nowhere. No one knows, it is in his dark 'stache, where the magic came from and started. The staff is a diversion — his deceitful distraction to keep his mustache power a secret. The other Mustachios scared of his magic, started calling him Abracadoobie.
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This Mustachio looks as green as grass. Don’t argue with him, for he is quite crass. Fortunately, Verdant Greed was born in a noble family. With loving parents who accepts him completely He is greedy from the moment he turned one. He doesn’t want to share his toys with anyone. His tutors worked hard to teach him how to be generous. They told him he doesn’t need to own everything that’s precious. After several years, this Mustachio finally learned his lesson. It’s love that makes him happy more than ten mansions
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Candy Witch is popular with many children. She is to them an angel, their sweet haven. With her spells, she can make any dessert, cakes, cookies, you name it – she's the sweet tooth expert. She flies with her chocolate broom while sprinkling delectable goodies. A trail of pink candies is the sign Candy Witch here you'll find. However, no one knows, this Mustachios diabetic. And even loved many, she's her own worst critic.
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LSP is the kind of Mustachio that’ll make fun of you. Not because he’s rude but because he is always blue. He’s the man who smiles on the outside but is actually sad. He’s experienced several traumas and thinking about it makes him mad. LSP needs help because he’s hanging by a thread. There are always some self-harm thoughts in his head. He might look okay but he’s really depressed. But every day, he still smiles and tries his best. Then one day he finally decided to go to therapy. Cried a bucket, but started his healing journey, finally
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The infamous Peco-Peco creature is a difficult animal to tame. But the great Peco Rider calls the it by his pet name. Peco Rider travels around Mustachioverse to show what he’s accomplished. For he’s the only one who mastered the angry, dangerous beast. “What makes the animal submit to me is a secret”. “Something you’ll be surprised to know, take your bet”. However, there’s no specific reason why the Peco-Peco obeys him. He just took care of it when it got sick and was dying. He risked his life to save the poor Peco Peco. And now it follows him like a shadow
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A knight was known for clever strategies, a tactician who can defeat any enemies. Rench is this Mustachios' name, and battles are his favorite game. He is a soldier since he was still child. No one knows the last time he smiled. Trained all his life, wars are all he lived for. Never knew outside military, there's so much more. He has a routine that he never breaks, until one dawn when many lives are at stake.
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The LichKing embodies everything absolutely evil, A long time ago, he was magically sealed in a castle. Now that he’s free, he wants to be the chief cause of chaos. He said he’s gonna mess things up again to show who’s the boss. This Mustachio is the reason behind life-long terrible quarrels, He spread nasty rumors to different communication channels. This dangerous LichKing makes everyone feel bad about themselves. Gives you angry thoughts that makes you wanna punch the shelves. If you can’t remember why you are so furious, that’s the sign. You are under LichKing’s spell, being fine will take a long time
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Bug was one melancholic Mustachio, who feels everyday is kind of a drag. He has depression and anxiety, but he thinks that he is just born sad. He said he heard some buzzing in his head, "It's just your mind and imagination" they said. He know's it's real, he's not making it up, but no one seems to listen. "One day", he said "someone will understand, I won't be lonely; I'll be genuinely glad".
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If you happen to pass by a Mustachio that looks like a zombie, that’s probably the famous Dark Knight that you see. He won so many battles, more than you can count. With his mighty strength, no one is paramount. When he was younger, He lost one of his eyes because of a ferocious bear. Later on, he hunted the exact animal in the same forest and killed it there. He said “messing with me is like a death wish.” “If you cross my path, you won’t feel any bliss.” The Dark Knight you see it not one to be trifled with. He’s not going to be merciful until he see you bleed.
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Grim is the last of reapers in the land. A cool guy who can end your life with one flick of his hand. At first no one wants to be friend with Grim cause he has this deadly stare as if he’s thinking of a dark scheme. But everyone got used to it and loved grim cause he is a funny guy. But sometimes he makes scary jokes like “Hey, it’s your time to die!” He stopped the dark humor cause it’s making everyone uncomfortable and started helping people by making their last day memorable. You think Grim lives a complicated life but Grim is really happy. He loves his work and a valuable member of the Mustachio community.
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There's this Mustachio whose hair resembles fire, whose Karate skills can make you scream and cry. With her high-pitched voice, she'll make your ears bleed. When she sing you songs, you can't complain or else she'll make sure you can't talk ever again. People are always cautious when she's around. They're wary of the bad girl who is self-crowned. Her original name was actually little cherry, but she made everyone call her beautiful wild berry.
Boii Mustache

Boii Mustache was created a few years back. It was a sketch given by someone special and was later developed by the artist as his own character.

The character Boii Mustache is the artist himself, a long-haired guy with a nevus in his lower left eye and of course, the legendary mustache.

With the idea of becoming whoever we want to be, he started creating different mustaches unique to each other, from colors to mood to concept.

It's a never-ending creative collaboration between the artist, what he sees, what he thinks, and what he feels.

Our latest collection, The Mustachios, are composed of 100 mustached NFT avatars with unique individual stories and a collective tale of adventure with a maximum supply of 999 Mustachios. For interested NFT collectors out there, there are only 25 remaining Mustachios from the Genesis collection as of writing!
After several hints about this awesome project, we are delighted to announce that we are launching our first ever NFT Tales — The Mustachios! Our collectors can already get their hands on these avatars on our presale on August 24, 2021!
On August 24, we held our Mustachios PreSale where 68 of our 100 Genesis Generation Mustachios have been minted! Now we are officially launching the first-ever NFT tales in the world! So what makes this project different from other NFTs? And why should you mint one?
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