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Things that go up eventually fall down. The falling thing is inevitable however, life struggles gives us a choice to change the direction of where the fall will be.

Ownly House of Art (OHA) is a collection of tokenized physical art. It provides a solution to traditional artists that needs more exposure and collectors that need a frictionless acquisition of high-value physical art pieces. OHA, through the use of NFTs, creates a seamless, transparent, and more efficient sales process.

Token: ERC-721
Blockchain: Ethereum Mainnet
Contract Address: 0xF81...01576
Token ID: 1
Owner Address 0x672...2223B

From To Price Date
0x00...0000 0x67...223b 0.00 ETH (ETH) Mon, Nov 22, 2021 7:34 AM
Dan Vincent Barotilla

Dan Vincent Barotilla is an artist that admits he doesn’t have any art style because his painting technique constantly evolves. Born and raised in Legazpi City, he cites Salvador Dali, Rodel Tapaya, and Ronald Ventura as some of the artists that he look up to.

One interesting fact about Barotilla is how he discovered his love for painting. He flipped through a calendar with paintings of national art competition winners for students and that prompted him to start his career as an artist. With his passion and skills, he won 1st place in an on-the-spot painting competition during a local festival in the province.

Barotilla believes that tokenizing physical art is the next big step artists should take, emphasizing that NFTs are the future of art.

Glenn De Guzman

Glenn De Guzman describes his art style as surrealism and social realism expressing his emotions, goals, and ideas in the realm of personal, social, and political issues. He is a resident of Bacacay, Albay who finished his Fine Arts Major in Painting at the University of Santo Tomas, Manila back in 1992.

He won first Hon. Mention during the 12th PLDT-DPC Visual Art National Competition and already had his first exhibit at R Gallery last year. Some of his inspirations are Gustav Klimt, Salvador Dali, Renato Habulan, and Neil Doloricon.

De Guzman is looking forward to showing other artists endless possibilities and opportunities through NFTs.

Mel Baranda

Camelo “Mel” Baranda is an artist from Bacacay, Albay. This painter, who has been part of over ten exhibits, developed his early love for drawing upon the sight of characters in now-defunct Pinoy Komiks.

He pursued BSFA at UST-Legazpi and worked as a freelance Cleanup In-Betweener in animation. Later on, he discovered that his passion still gravitates toward his childhood imaginations and discoveries.

Inspired by Salvador Dali, Vincent VanGogh, Luis Royo, and Glenn de Guzman, he describes his art style as a mixture of surrealism and social realism. Using oil paint as his medium, his artworks tend to go towards themes such as nature and society, focusing on social conflicts and political injustices.

Ownly, an Art and Gaming NFT platform, partners with one of the biggest conglomerates and mall operators in the Philippines to give you one of the earliest presentations of Tokenized Physical Art NFT exhibits in the Philippines.
In our two-year roadmap, we announced that we’ll be launching our gallery for tokenized physical artworks before 2021 ends. As we continue to explore the intersection of art and blockchain technology, we decided to maximize the application of NFTs to physical artworks. With the ongoing pandemic and the future of art in mind, we strongly believe that NFTs are what the physical art world needs.
Tokenizing physical art is one of the benefits that we can enjoy through the emergence of NFTs. Aside from digital art and in-game collectibles, traditional artworks are one of the assets that NFTs can revolutionize.
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