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Ownly Artist Launchpad presents

Boy Dibil

By Kcir Johan

The Boy Dibil NFT collection follows Kcir Johan aka Boy Dibil, a former biological researcher’s journey from developing a compound that may enhance humans in several aspects to transforming into a wicked apathetic being with horns like a devil, and back to his restored true form.

About the Artist Launchpad

In the hopes of bringing NFT artists and collectors together, Ownly develops a platform where gifted artists in the Crypto Art industry can mint and launch their NFT collections or projects the easy way. The Ownly Market Artist Launchpad bridges the gap between art, tech, marketing, and community. Through the Ownly Market Artist Launchpad, the artists can focus on doing what they do best, which is creating artworks and building their own unique portfolio in the metaverse.

Easiest Way to Launch

Gone are the days where you had to create your own minting website, smart contracts, and all the other bells and whistles just to launch your NFT collection. The Ownly Market Artist Launchpad takes care of all the tech so you don’t have to.

Existing Community

Community building plays a big part in marketing your NFT collections. It’s not enough to have just any community. Ownly takes pride in having a community of collectors and enthusiasts that is actively nurtured through value-added content.

Partner With a Pioneer

Through the years, Ownly has a proven track record in the crypto art industry that dates back to early 2019. We have partnered with credible organizations and brilliant artists, positioning the Ownly Market as the preferred Filipino NFT art marketplace.

Who is Crypto Art PH?

Crypto Art PH is a community-driven group supporting Filipino crypto artists. It aims to build and provide a platform for Filipino artists to bridge the gap between culture and web3 so they can tell the story of Filipino culture through EdTech focused on Filipino artists empowered by the blockchain-based economy.

Most of the ideas in the community are developed inside the "talyer" channel on their Discord server. Artists share their ideas, knowledge, and expertise in art, technology, and personal experiences to learn from each other.

The Process


Join the Crypto Art PH Discord community and their exclusive channel: Ownly Market Artist Launchpad. Casually say hi and introduce yourself! Get handpicked by Kapitan Jopet Arias, the Art Consultant of Crypto Art PH, responsible for curating the artists and their NFT collections within the community. He is considering traditional artists with an existing body of works who are influential in their respective fields but are new in crypto art.


Prepare your NFT collection with the guidance of Kap Jopet, ensuring a smooth minting and launching process in the Ownly Market Artist Launchpad. Through our platform, you’ll be able to reach a global scale, build a legacy in the industry, and even create staking reward benefits for the community.


And launch! Smart contracts? Minting websites? Those are things from the past. For someone who’s new in the crypto art industry, these requirements are overwhelming. Good for you, the Ownly Market Artist Launchpad provides not just the platform but also topnotch security in the blockchain, backed with a transparent team of experienced professionals in the crypto space.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Ownly Market Artist Launchpad is welcome to everyone. Whether you’re new or a veteran in the space, you can join us on the Ownly Discord community and Crypto Art PH Discord community to connect with like-minded NFT enthusiasts who either got the same questions or have the answers to your questions. Either way, you’re not alone!

This is great to hear! Thank you for your interest in supporting these brilliant artists. To show your support, you can check out the existing NFT collections in the Ownly Market and #OWN some artworks from our distinguished artists.

The Ownly Market Artist Launchpad is a platform where gifted artists in the Crypto Art industry can mint and launch their NFT collections without the hustle of creating minting websites and smart contracts. All you need to do as an artist is to prepare, mint, and launch your NFT collection on the platform and Ownly will handle the rest.

As part of our Ownly Market Artist Launchpad launch, Crypto Art PH will help curate the artists and their NFT collections from within the community. This will further improve the NFT scene in the Philippines as the Ownly Market Artist Launchpad aims to showcase works from gifted artists all over the nation, while providing them with a platform that does the work for them. Join the Crypto Art PH Discord community here.

If you encounter any issues, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email at support@ownly.io and we’ll get back to you the soonest we’re available to respond. We also have a Discord channel exclusive to provide support to the community. To access, please join our Ownly Discord community and browse through the channels. You can find the support channel under Community Feedback.
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