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If there was anyone in this group closest to actually thinking like a human, it's Octobass.  She loves music, dreams of becoming a dj, but spends most of her adult life working her ass off just to pay the bills. She regrets offering her company to do extra work after realizing more arms doesnt necessarily mean she can do things faster than everyone else, it actually meant there will be more work directed at her in her day job.
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Hot head is a character made out of fire. Ironically, he is not really a hot headed character but is actually a very free spirited energetic optimist. Although he doesn't talk at all, the other characters tend to enjoy his presence probably because he's warm, obviously prefers listening more than talking, and nice to be with especially on cold nights. Just dont get too attached or you'd risk hurting yourself. 3rd degree burns to be exact.
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Eyesore loves collecting eyeballs from carcasses that are thrown in the ocean. It's the weirdest hobby of all time but he takes pride in being very good at it. He is also truly passionate with what he does and since there's only a limited amount he can collect, he tends to become very picky with what eyeballs to include in his collection. The other characters hate hanging out with him cause he makes them feel weird when he looks at them but this is actually beneficial for him because he would rather spend the whole day searching for the next eyeball.
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The Wraight Guy is the perfect character to ask for help in accomplishing jobs related to cutting and slicing. He can cut trees, grass, construction materials, even someone's lifespan if it's an assassination job. His favorite movie is Edward Scissor Hands.
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Bots is one of Ink's earliest creations. It was gifted with an AI brain but after escaping the lab and being exposed to a lot of the harshness of reality, it decided to go on an adventure to eradicate all forms of cruelty but not in a humane way. Its a robot after all.
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Mermain is a creature born in the depths of the sea. While roaming around the ocean floor one day, he discovered a capsized submarine filled with people who are barely alive due to being stuck underwater for more than a week with not enough food. When they saw him, instead of being afraid, they treated him as a friend. He tried to meet them up close and personal by opening the submarine door.
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Ink is Lei Melendres' 2nd original signature character. He used to represent himself in his drawings as a chibi character but later on decided instead to create a version of him as an alien-like intergalactic explorer with a morphing head in an outerspace protective suit.
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4713N is Lei Melendres' signature character and has been a big part of his branding for 10 years and counting. It is present in almost all of his heavily detailed artworks and sometimes, he would even have it hidden in some of his illustrations especially for those projects where he is not allowed to include this specific character.
Lei Melendres

Lei is a multi-faceted artist. Although his main focus is digital illustration, he also includes traditional illustration, mural work, product design, and toy customization in his services.

He coined a term for his art style. He named it “Infinity Mix” because of the mixture of endless elements and details interacting together to form a scene.

Lei served multiple local and international clients. He has worked with NBA Store, Samsonite Red Philippines, Capital PH, Rhinoshield, Asus PH, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Kipling, Lazada SG, G-Shock PH, Globe, Daniel Wellington, WWF Philippines.

Knowing more about Lei Melendres, dropping questions to the doodle artist behind Ownly's inaugural NFT Collection collaboration -- the Inkvadyrz.
In this video, we interviewed one of the first Filipino artists to ever launch their own themed collection as Non-Fungible Tokens. Meet Lei Melendres, the doodle artist behind Ownly's inaugural NFT Collection collaboration -- the Inkvadyrz.
We finally launched on OpenSea our first collection made by professional doodle artist Lei Melendres! Last March 24, we minted one of the twenty Cryptoart cards and after a week, we are happy to announce that a collector happily owns T-Bear! We will continue to mint the rest of the cards and auction them weekly on OpenSea.
Lei Melendres, an artist originally from Laguna created our inaugural NFT collectible. His expertise and artworks are proof that he is not just Laguna’s best. He is also Philippines’ one of the finest when it comes to doodle art and illustration.
We are happy to let you know that our most awaited NFT Collection is finished! Lei Melendres, the renowned artist behind the 20 characters of this collection, gave us the final product this week. Lei’s collection is composed of 2 legendary cards, 5 rare cards, 6 uncommon cards, and 7 common cards.
For Ownly’s first collaboration, we are working with doodle artist and professional illustrator Lei Melendres to create a set of collectibles that we will launch this March.
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