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TBear is the most peaceful among all. She enjoys just chilling in the garden reading her favorite books or binge-watching her favorite tv series. She likes to hangout with her friends during the weekend especially when they up for a spa day.
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Bushy is the quiet and well-mannered member of the group. Nobody knows what Bushy is thinking cause Bushy never talks. Bushy enjoys writing in the third person tho. Bushy is the coolest nonetheless.
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Beaks hated being called twitter bird and would attack anyone with its razor sharp claw if ever anyone even mentions the word tweet. Beaks is a crazy ass bird.
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Fluff happens to be the friendliest among the group. Some of his friends tend to worry because Fluff doesnt know the difference between a friend or a foe. He treats everyone with unconditional love and kindness. Fluff is s good friend but Fluff pretty is dumb and I think you knoe that already.
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Lurk enjoys playing tag cause of his advantage of being able to fly. Tho, he hates playing hide and seek because he is always on a constant moving motion and would not stay still even while hiding. He is also pretty talkative and can be a bit irritating at times. His friends still enjoy his overall energy and loves having him around everytime there's a hangout.
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Puffy is a dog-like character made out of soft solid cloud. Although she can float like a puff of cloud anytime she wants to, she prefers long walks and is always excited to play fetch. She is the perfect cuddle buddy but when she turns grayish in color 7 consecutive days a month, it's advisable to leave her outdoors. She is known to wet the bed like a thunderstorm does when you accidentally left a window beside your bed open.
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Exo is an entity made out of pure radioactive nuclear energy. She didn't use to have a physical body but after being able to warp herself through different worlds, she learned ways on how she could manipulate the energy and build herself a body. Her head on the other hand is too difficult to convert so she just made a forcefield to contain the energy and keep it intact.
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Hyde is a mischievous devil born with a creepy face. He tends to scare the others whenever he meets new characters so he decided to create a mask so he can hangout with everyone and somehow make them feel at ease. He still takes off his mask whenever he's with his closest friends and while doing all other essential stuff like pooping.
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Shrooom likes to fly real high up above the skies towards space and other galaxies. The others enjoy watching him running circles on the ground acting as if he is actually doing it. He loves to eat and loves to sleep. Nobody knows how he is able to fund his lifestyle.
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All Boxheads are born with a soft glowing skull. Nobody knows why the creator thought that was a good idea, tho. At an early age, they are taught to create clay pots and bricks and when they reach adulthood, they would build a cube shaped oven-like brick structure which they would use as a helmet for their skull to protect it from being accidentally squished.
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Bowbun thinks bowties are cool for one reason. Because he once saw a logo of a rabbit with a bowtie from his father's collection of magazines. He was too young to understand what it was even after reading all the magazines but the idea stayed with him years after that tragic moment. Come to think of it, he saw nothing wrong with other animals not wearing any clothes anyway.
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At an early age, Feast decided that she would have a solid set of 8pack abs. Unfortunately, after dieting too much by not eating for weeks and focusing all her workout efforts on her abs, a mouth came out of where her abs was supposed to be at. Now, her new mouth eats too much just to make up for all those days she refused to eat.
Lei Melendres

Lei is a multi-faceted artist. Although his main focus is digital illustration, he also includes traditional illustration, mural work, product design, and toy customization in his services.

He coined a term for his art style. He named it “Infinity Mix” because of the mixture of endless elements and details interacting together to form a scene.

Lei served multiple local and international clients. He has worked with NBA Store, Samsonite Red Philippines, Capital PH, Rhinoshield, Asus PH, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Kipling, Lazada SG, G-Shock PH, Globe, Daniel Wellington, WWF Philippines.

Knowing more about Lei Melendres, dropping questions to the doodle artist behind Ownly's inaugural NFT Collection collaboration -- the Inkvadyrz.
In this video, we interviewed one of the first Filipino artists to ever launch their own themed collection as Non-Fungible Tokens. Meet Lei Melendres, the doodle artist behind Ownly's inaugural NFT Collection collaboration -- the Inkvadyrz.
We finally launched on OpenSea our first collection made by professional doodle artist Lei Melendres! Last March 24, we minted one of the twenty Cryptoart cards and after a week, we are happy to announce that a collector happily owns T-Bear! We will continue to mint the rest of the cards and auction them weekly on OpenSea.
Lei Melendres, an artist originally from Laguna created our inaugural NFT collectible. His expertise and artworks are proof that he is not just Laguna’s best. He is also Philippines’ one of the finest when it comes to doodle art and illustration.
We are happy to let you know that our most awaited NFT Collection is finished! Lei Melendres, the renowned artist behind the 20 characters of this collection, gave us the final product this week. Lei’s collection is composed of 2 legendary cards, 5 rare cards, 6 uncommon cards, and 7 common cards.
For Ownly’s first collaboration, we are working with doodle artist and professional illustrator Lei Melendres to create a set of collectibles that we will launch this March.
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