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“In the beginning, there was only darkness. A formless and desolate void. From it, voice whispered: ‘Let there be light’.” Creation is the first art piece from Marso’s ‘Genesis Block’ collection wherein it tells the story of how the ‘blockchain’ came into fruition. Integrating the core concept of a disseminated network that comprises computer systems or blocks, Marso pulls the viewer of the artwork into a trance-like state by showing a captivating take on the birth of the digital era, a la ‘digital renaissance’. Through artwork shows the viewers how blockchains work by using geometrical shapes and the hand as a subject while giving it the eye candy treatment Marso is known for. A piece worthy of the phrase: ‘let there be light’.

Marso presents another collection of work combining the elegance of geometry and a vibrant color palette dubbed as the ‘Genesis Block’ of Blockchain, reminiscent of the ceiling of the famous Sistine Chapel.

This collection can both stand alone as an individual piece or as a whole with every piece being unique leading to a culmination of the ‘creation’ and establishing of the whole blockchain space.

With that being said, the whole collection can be viewed starting from the bottom left (Creation), bottom middle (Distribution), bottom right, (Progress), top left (Prosperity), top middle (Liberty & Freedom), top right (Community), middle right (Immersion), middle right (Integration), and ends in the middle (Eden).

Token: ERC-721
Blockchain: Ethereum Mainnet
Contract Address: 0x2C5...9EE85
Token ID: 1
Owner Address 0x672...2223B

From To Price Date
0x00...0000 0x67...223b 0.00 ETH (ETH) Fri, Oct 15, 2021 10:31 AM

Marso is a fine arts graduate at the Technological University of the Philippines. She has been a graphic designer and graphic artist for 8 years, specializing in illustrations, merch, and packaging designs.

Marso describes her art style as candy-colored kaleidoscopic fractal figures of geometric and polygonal vectors. Her art is usually psychedelic-themed and she believes that there’s energy in flowing lines and colors which gives out the visual value of happiness.

In our third NFT collection this year, we’ll be working with an artist whose works have already made a breakthrough in the crypto space — the one and only Marso!
Here you’ll learn her journey in discovering her art style and her wonderful pieces of advice for those who aspire to chase their dreams as an artist.
Last month, we already covered her background as well as a brief history of how she found her way into the crypto space as an artist. Now we’ll share her answers during our offline and live interview last October 7.
Our latest NFT collection entitled Genesis Block will be available on our Ownly Marketplace on October 15! Created by renowned digital artist Marso, this collection will include 9 single-edition pieces and an NFT reward.
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