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A one-of-a-kind concept, Dreaded Shrooms is perfect for collectors looking for unique and joy-sprouting art pieces. It’s good for the soul, that’s for sure.

Get a custom caricature by Panda Noypi as a gift to all first owners!


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A devoted church person and leader of its choir group. She is a pure soprano who can effortlessly nail the 10th octave. She brings life and fireworks to church activities with her singing prowess, luring church goers from the community and outside to attend services regularly. She definitely loves singing, and also buckets of fried chicken!
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After the Pharaoh's passing, Oyshepsut takes over the kingdom and immediately ended slavery. The nation has been living harmoniously, with her strong leadership and fair judgement - uniting with other countries to help find answers to famine and drought. In her spare time, the Queen enjoys bubble baths, drinking wine, and sunset viewing from her great pyramids.
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A retired war veteran. A true patriot. He was once a fierce warrior fighting for his beloved country. Since the war ended decades ago, Sargent Resimuz enjoys his retirement and keeps himself busy with his hotdog cart business and karaoke weekends with his fellow vets.
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The twins are Japan's national treasure when it comes to mobile gaming. Ranked no. 1 worldwide at the early age of 7, Shii and Hamiko received scholarship programs, endorsement deals, and tons of gadgets from sponsors. They love eating spicy ramen and doing pranks when they need to rest from too much radiation.
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A rising star in the music scene. Claims he got his creativity and extraordinary talent in hip-hop music from the mushroom Gods. His music is obviously loved by many though, showcasing his amazing rapping skills, mixing tunes, and other cool elements. And of course, he knows how to party and have a freakin' great time!
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She's a legit fighter, on and off the cage - an undefeated mixed martial arts athlete and a reserved Lieutenant in the armed forces too. Valda resembles the warrior princess Xena - beautiful but deadly! With her intimidating persona, guys wouldn't dare to ask her out. Valda has everything… except a man who will dare love her.
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They are Shroomaica's most popular tour guides.
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The OG of all OGs in the hood and in the hip-hop world! A former gangster. A living legend, and doesn't give a #### to anyone, especially his haters and bashers. His music is dope, and a natural freestyle rapper. Besides music and weed, he loves chicken wings and basketball.
Panda Noypi

Charlie Loma aka PANDA NOYPI started his art journey when he became the Head Cartoonist of his school’s student publication. Now a full-time Digital Artist, PANDA NOYPI plays around mostly with black outlines and details. He loves experimenting with different strokes, shading, color mixing, and then putting them all together. Simply put, his works all convey good vibrations and simply have something to be happy about.

A night full of magnetic energy and good vibrations together with Ownly Market Artist Launchpad's featured artist, Panda Noypi.
Along with our target to open the doors of our Ownly Market Artist Launchpad, we’re forming a special partnership with Crypto Art PH in onboarding more Filipino artists in the NFT industry.
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