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A one-of-a-kind concept, Dreaded Shrooms is perfect for collectors looking for unique and joy-sprouting art pieces. It’s good for the soul, that’s for sure.

Get a custom caricature by Panda Noypi as a gift to all first owners!


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Panda Noypi
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A spiritual seeker, constantly driven to fight for her advocacies - fair price on coffee & bagels, animal rights, and of course - peace. Talking to flowers, birds, and sometimes the wind, makes her feel deeply connected with the universe.
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He was once pegged to be the next Master Chef Gordon, minus the grumpy and hyper attitude. His staff loves him given his friendliness and laid-back demeanor - there is ‘no heat’ in the kitchen. Well-known food critics have recognized Buttons as one of the world’s excellent chefs. His favorite food, surprisingly - is gummy bears.
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A football superstar and a legend in the making. He is the youngest player to ever win a Shroom Cup, along with the MVP award. Cogie has multiple endorsements on the side, including a lifetime multi-million dollar deal with Enoki brand. In his free time, he regularly visits the orphanage, a place he once called ‘home,’ plays with the kids and donates tons of stuff and money to the organization. Such an awesome guy!
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Shablo is a big-time smuggler of the ‘good s#@!’ - not as bad as one may think because it’s all organic. He doesn’t want to hurt anyone, just get out of his way and it’s all cool. He loves watching football and dreams of owning a team soon. He played the sport too when he was young, but he sucked at it. A big chunk of his earnings goes to his family and the community. Rumba dancing is his main hobby, better yet, his passion.
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Multiple championships, MVPs, all-star selections, makes Dunyell the face of the MBA - the world’s most popular and high-level basketball stage. He is projected to become the first billionaire athlete even before hanging up his sneakers. Still a legit bachelor, always hanging out with famous people and rumored to have dated several celebrities all at the same time. What a life!
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A very friendly guy and a familiar face in the neighborhood. He’s now in his 40s living with his mom. Not completely a BUM since he works part time doing the neighbors lawn and pool once in a while. Juancho loves hanging out with younger friends, often takes out lotsa fast food rather than booze - one of the best decisions he makes everyday. Hip-hop x Latin music is his jam, and would instantly ‘crip walks’ his way to the tunes and dance his heart out.
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This captain spends years on board with his crew eagerly searching for promising wonderlands abundant in resources and treasures. His hands are complete by the way, only uses his hook to scratch his back and nose, and most of the time, for getting his laundry off the clothesline.
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The only infant who was born on the 2nd day of February 2022 at exactly 2:22 AM. Deemed as the wonder baby who can bring tremendous luck, Scaber was awarded sponsorships from several companies and even offered contracts to be the endorser of their brands. She now weighs a whopping 9 kilos - a big boss baby indeed!
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A sweet soft spoken busboy/cook in a local diner in Kauai by day. When night time comes, Melehune is a crowd-darling star when he plays his songs at a bar & grill owned by his good friends. Surely a gentle giant with the voice of an angel! He spends his days off by the beach with a couple of six-packs, ukulele, and boogie board.
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A pro surfer from down south. Thrills himself by surfing with great white sharks and gigantic waves. He dropped out from high school because he hated math, joined competitions and surfed his way to stardom at the age of 15. He currently lives in a luxurious RV bus with his supermodel girlfriend and kunekune dwarf pig pet named ‘Bacon.’
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This lady is a sensational vlogger, influencer, supermodel, actress, multiple brand ambassador, and a vegan advocate. She gets deeply emotional when someone brings up animal cruelty. She urges her followers and fans to go for organic food, fabric, cosmetics, etc. She has dated a few known celebs, but stayed single for some time now to make time for her yoga sessions and 33 dog pets.
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Believed to have harnessed the power of the universe, this ultimate guru is determined to eliminate all the negative energy from the Shrooms world. He knows every spell known to wizardry and magic. Despite his all-knowing and powerful status-quo, he remains down-to-earth and shares magical stories to kids, life & love lessons, and plenty of jokes too! He’s married to 87 women… and counting - without using any love spell on them.
Panda Noypi

Charlie Loma aka PANDA NOYPI started his art journey when he became the Head Cartoonist of his school’s student publication. Now a full-time Digital Artist, PANDA NOYPI plays around mostly with black outlines and details. He loves experimenting with different strokes, shading, color mixing, and then putting them all together. Simply put, his works all convey good vibrations and simply have something to be happy about.

A night full of magnetic energy and good vibrations together with Ownly Market Artist Launchpad's featured artist, Panda Noypi.
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