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The Boy Dibil NFT collection follows Kcir Johan aka Boy Dibil, a former biological researcher’s journey from developing a compound that may enhance humans in several aspects to transforming into a wicked apathetic being with horns like a devil, and back to his restored true form.


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1 of 1 - Single Edition
BD is not known to be a coffeeholic but he is. On their way to a mission with his wife, he grabs a coffee in a nearby café.
1 of 1 - Single Edition
BD just finished bathing after some killing.
1 of 1 - Single Edition
BD has created electric fighting sticks to be used in raids and fighting enemies together with other weapons.
1 of 1 - Single Edition
Together with his wife, they accumulated weapons, equipment, and other reagents they stole from OBSCURE, they tried to rehumanize him and remove the side effects, behavioral and physical side effects, but they only removed the behavioral side effects.
1 of 1 - Single Edition
BD became the champion of virtual brawl tournament 2 and gained connections on underground organizations that will aid him to create BRIGAND, a revolutionary group that aims to rescind the reign of the government-backed company Obscure. He recruited new allies as well as made new enemies.
1 of 1 - Single Edition
After winning in Virtual brawl tournament 2, BD made allies with a particular conglomerate of a syndicate who betted in his fights. The gang welcomes him as one of their respected leaders and sworn allegiance as well as provides monetary assistance to his cause.
1 of 1 - Single Edition
Being wanted by the government and OBSCURE, BD needed to be careful in his every move. He created an android version of himself to be his eye in the city as well as gather information on the whereabouts of OBSCURE big bosses.
1 of 1 - Single Edition
BD uses their remote hacking system to gain unauthorized access to the OBSCURE system and network to know essential data about the corporation’s plans and confidential information. To no avail, he wasn’t able to access the information he opted to open.
1 of 1 - Single Edition
BD in BRGND mech suit, with the funding and growing allegiances. BRIGAND is now a fully functional group and a bigger threat. OBSCURE has initiated a hunt against BD.
1 of 1 - Single Edition
As OBSCURE together with the government wages war against commoners and bio-enhanced citizens, BRIGAND's special action team retaliates by escalating the scale and intensity of violence against OBSCURE military units. BD leads S.A.T as Reaper.
1 of 1 - Single Edition
BD in Special Action Team uniform
1 of 1 - Single Edition
BD in Trauma team suit, Trauma team is a division of BRIGANDs that specialize in rapid military medical response, while responding to wounded S.A.T they also served as a secondary militia of BRIGAND.
Kcir Johan

Kcir Johan grew up creating art. He started sketching and drawing when he was around 4 years of age. He recalls comfortably lying on his chest on the ground, making drawings while narrating made-up stories about the characters he created.

Fast forward to 2015, Kcir Johan was one of the selected artists to participate in The Major Arcana project, where he was assigned to illustrate the single-edition Hermit tarot card. This was his favorite work and collaboration ever since.

When asked about his ​​thoughts on online galleries compared to traditional ones, Kcir Johan said, “Online galleries are better compared to traditional ones. The scope of online galleries is limitless while traditional ones are bounded by four walls.”

A sci-fi night featuring Boy Dibil Collection together with Ownly Market Artist Launchpad's featured artist, Kcir Johan.
Along with our target to open the doors of our Ownly Market Artist Launchpad, we’re forming a special partnership with Crypto Art PH in onboarding more Filipino artists in the NFT industry.
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