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The Boy Dibil NFT collection follows Kcir Johan aka Boy Dibil, a former biological researcher’s journey from developing a compound that may enhance humans in several aspects to transforming into a wicked apathetic being with horns like a devil, and back to his restored true form.


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1 of 1 - Single Edition
Boy Dibil was still a human known as Kcir Johan a biological researcher, he developed a compound that may enhance humans, in several aspects. As the project lead, he solely knows the formula and composition of the said compound. He decided to test the compound and create a pill, which he called 3p (Peak Potential Pill) that enables humans to control aging, cell regeneration, and elevate intellectual ability.
1 of 1 - Single Edition
Awe with his creation, he tried the pill himself to assess the enhancing capabilities of the said pill, which turned sideways. The pill has side effects on every individual although it greatly elevates traits, on the other hand, it significantly enhances dormant or suppressed traits, goodness, and evilness in the example. In His case, he turns into a wicked apathetic being, with horns like a devil.
1 of 1 - Single Edition
Upset by the results of his pill, he decided to recalibrate and do more research on his formula, but the company saw an opportunity in this, The Company wanted to mass-produce the formula, administer trials on mercenaries, and create a robust army. To his dismay, he disagreed about the idea and destroyed his research data.
1 of 1 - Single Edition
By his actions Obscure killed his wife, enraged by his wife’s death, he went on a rampage and killed every Obscure employee who he thinks is responsible for it.
1 of 1 - Single Edition
Now he was tracked by the corp and needed to hide and made camp on the outskirts of the city. Often called by his wife a devil whenever they are into an argument he decides to go by the name Boy Dibil.
1 of 1 - Single Edition
From time to time, while investigating his wife’s death, boy dibil visits several OBSCURE personnel and interrogates them, you know what happens after that.
1 of 1 - Single Edition
To release his rage BD joins an underground virtual brawling tournament wherein you can fight remotely but still have the ability to damage your opponent. In his current status, he can easily win fights and win cash.
1 of 1 - Single Edition
The death of his wife made Boy Dibil miserable and made every way to salvage what’s left of his wife and would try to bring her back to life. He still visits obscure personnel from time to time together with his team, but this time he visits the Corp to steal essential laboratory equipment, reagents, and weapons.
1 of 1 - Single Edition
BD as a mechanic trying to create his laboratory equipment and set up a home laboratory using remnants of his old machines, and stolen materials from OBSCURE.
1 of 1 - Single Edition
To fulfill his task to resurrect his wife, he needs to acquire a fluid essential for his experiment, the HQL (hyperbaric quantum liquid). In one of his solo raids, he stole a specific amount of fluid in one of the most secure areas of OBSCURE.
1 of 1 - Single Edition
Upon acquiring an amount of HQL BD attempts to reproduce it for his experiment, which he is successful.
1 of 1 - Single Edition
BD was successful in recreating a new body for his wife after resurrecting her. He explained everything that happened in the past year.
Kcir Johan

Kcir Johan grew up creating art. He started sketching and drawing when he was around 4 years of age. He recalls comfortably lying on his chest on the ground, making drawings while narrating made-up stories about the characters he created.

Fast forward to 2015, Kcir Johan was one of the selected artists to participate in The Major Arcana project, where he was assigned to illustrate the single-edition Hermit tarot card. This was his favorite work and collaboration ever since.

When asked about his ​​thoughts on online galleries compared to traditional ones, Kcir Johan said, “Online galleries are better compared to traditional ones. The scope of online galleries is limitless while traditional ones are bounded by four walls.”

A sci-fi night featuring Boy Dibil Collection together with Ownly Market Artist Launchpad's featured artist, Kcir Johan.
Along with our target to open the doors of our Ownly Market Artist Launchpad, we’re forming a special partnership with Crypto Art PH in onboarding more Filipino artists in the NFT industry.
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